Detroit Tigers roast writer who said franchise is boring, doesn’t matter

Washington Football Team writer ratioed by Tigers Twitter

This is what Miguel Cabrera's reaction would be to that bad tweet, probably.
This is what Miguel Cabrera's reaction would be to that bad tweet, probably. (Getty Images)

DETROIT – You don’t come for Detroit. Some people have to learn that the hard way.

That was the case for a Washington writer last night when the Detroit Tigers roasted him on Twitter for saying the franchise is “boring” and “hasn’t mattered since Ty Cobb.”

The NBC Sports writer covers an NFL franchise without a team name that hasn’t won a playoff game since 2005. The Tigers have won 25 playoff games since then.

He tweeted: “Watching Os-Tigers and realizing how little I’ve thought about the Detroit freaking Tigers in my life. What a boring franchise. Have they mattered since Ty Cobb?”

“Have you mattered since this ratio?” the Tigers responded, savagely. That tweet has over 4,000 likes and 500 retweets. The writer’s tweet has 209 replies and only 106 likes. In the Twitter world, we call that a good old fashioned RATIO.

Since the NFL went to four-team divisions in 2002, the “Washington Football Team” has won its division just three times. It has finished in last place nine times and put together five winning seasons.

In the last 10 years, the Tigers have won four division titles (in a division of five teams) and had five winning seasons. They’ve won six playoff series, six more than the WFT.

I was born in 1992. The Tigers have mattered -- a lot. I never realized how little the Washington Football Team has.

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