Michigan college athlete starts service to help others cash in on their NIL

Website allows athletes to create events and monetize their social network accounts

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – For decades the NCAA fought the idea of amateur athletes making money.

Many athletes argued that it was unfair because they were the people creating the product and they should share in the profits. But the idea of schools paying athletes created more problems than it solved.

Now, the wall has come tumbling down and you’ll hear a new word in amateur sports: NIL which stands for name, image, and likeness.

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A volleyball player named Chloe V. Mitchell at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids was the first collegiate athlete in America to profit from her NIL. Now, she and her dad are on a mission to help other athletes do the same.

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Together, they started a company called PlayBooked, which is kind of like a dating service that connects athletes with potential income opportunities.

More information on PlayBooked can be found on its official website here.