Abortion rights advocates hold rally in Downtown Detroit

The rally took place along Woodward Avenue.

Abortion rights advocates on Saturday rallied to protest the recently leaked Supreme Court draft opinion.

Detroit-area activists marched the streets of Downtown Detroit to demand the defense of Roe v. Wade.

The rally started at the steps of the federal courthouse and in droves people made their way down Woodward.

“I hope what comes out of this, more than anything, is people organizing among themselves, expressing their collective power,” said activist Tristan Taylor.

With signs in hand, people marched with a message.

“It’s really simple. It’s all about the right to choose,” said one protestor.

On the other side of the argument, Jenny Abbott, a campus activist at Protect Life Michigan, said they see abortion as not a right but a human rights violation.

“We need to do everything we can to love and support women, absolutely, but we should never use violence to solve a problem,” Abbott said.

Taylor’s concern is if Roe vs. Wade is reversed, it may impact what he believes are basic human rights.

“It’s also a question of freedom and Democracy in terms of what rights we have that are guaranteed because that leaked opinion also put into question all of the recent victories, including the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act, that weren’t a part of the deep tradition of our nation,” Taylor said.

Abbott said the intent of the pro-life movement isn’t to take away freedom and democracy.

“We truly just want to help women and protect the unborn,” she said. “That is our only goal. We’re not trying to strip away any freedoms that don’t intentionally kill innocent human beings.”

About the Author:

Megan Woods is thrilled to be back home and reporting at Local 4. She joined the team in September 2021. Before returning to Michigan, Megan reported at stations across the country including Northern Michigan, Southwest Louisiana and a sister station in Southwest Virginia.