Chargers rip Detroit Lions in hilarious schedule reveal video -- we can’t even be mad

Chargers make fun of Lions’ gambling-related suspensions

The Los Angeles Chargers took a shot at Lions players like Quintez Cephus for their gambling violations. (Chargers Twitter/Getty Images)

DETROIT – The Los Angeles Chargers took a shot at the Detroit Lions in a video revealing their season schedule, and it was harsh but also hilarious.

The Chargers’ Twitter account posted a 130-second anime clip announcing their matchups for the 2023 season, and each scene poked fun at their opponents in different ways.

For example, the Chicago Bears, who had the worst record in the NFL and are obviously rebuilding, got a “Rebuild-a-bear” scene. The Bills were ridiculed for losing four straight Super Bowls in the ‘90s.

When Week 10 rolled around, the intense music stops. It’s replaced by a soft elevator-like tune. Some sort of Honolulu Blue creature with a mane and a chainsaw for a horn is smiling on the left side.

On the right side, the Chargers provided... gambling crisis hotline information.

If you don’t get the joke, the Chargers are making fun of the fact that four Lions players were suspended for gambling violations last month. Two players were cut from the roster for gambling on NFL games, and two others received six-game suspensions.

It’s not funny at all that the Lions will be without one of their most talented offensive players, Jameson Williams, for six games. But it’s hilarious that the Chargers called the Lions out on it. Bravo.

At the bottom, the Chargers included, “Eligibility restrictions apply. See terms at On behalf of Questionable Draft Picks (MI). Lines and odds subject to change. Sponsored by some sportsbook.”

Wait, you’re also making fun of our draft picks? Too soon, Chargers. Too soon.

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