Video helps Novi High School hockey team keep playing after opponent tests positive

The video helped determine the amount of exposure to the player

Video evidence helps Novi High School hockey team keep playing after opponent tests postive

NOVI – The Novi High School hockey team geared up for Tuesday’s quarterfinals but over the weekend, the season was in jeopardy.

Novi played Livonia Stevenson Saturday in the regional final -- a game that ended in an overtime win for the Wildcats.

“Last year, we planned Stevenson in the regional finals and it went into triple overtime and we lost. Playing Stevenson again and beating them in overtime this year, it was one of the most exciting moment of my career,” said senior Max Rallis.

The Wildcats were riding high until Novi’s athletic director received a call from a team they played Thursday in the regional semi-final.

“There was a potential where we could be going into quarantine,” said athletic director Brian Gordon.

There was a positive COVID case on the opposing team, meaning the team would have to quarantine and the season would be over. But how much exposure did they have with that player?

“We went to the film to figure out exactly where we were and the amount of contact we had,” Gordon said.

It was less than 10 minutes per the video evidence. Novi’s superintendent called the Oakland County Health Department, and the decision was reversed pending negative COVID tests from all Novi players.

The quarterfinal game with Trenton is back on.

“It was a big year for us. because we knew that we had a lot of returning players. We think we can get far and hopefully win states,” Max said.

“A high school hockey game will never be put in front of that, our kids safety or anybody’s safety... But for our kids at this moment and time, we’re fortunate and lucky that we’re able to continue to compete,” Gordon said.

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