Insurance recommended to protect most breakable smartphone, iPhone X

DETROIT – Apple's newest phone, the iPhone X, isn't performing well in drop tests.

The glass back and screen make the phone more susceptible to damage after being dropped, and warranty company SquareTrade has called the phone the most breakable iPhone ever.

The phone is also more expensive to fix than other models. A cracked screen costs $279, while other damage could add up to more than $500 worth of repairs.

Consumers are urged to get insurance to cover the pricey phone, which retails at a starting price of $999.

Wireless phone carriers offer insurance plans for a monthly rate. These plans cover damage, mechanical failure, theft and loss.

Apple Care for the iPhone X costs $199 and offers two years of protection, which covers up to two accidental drops for a $29 deductible. 

Retailers such as Best Buy and electronic insurance companies also offer protection. SquareTrade's iPhone X plan is $129.

"They're the least expensive of your options out there if you're not worried about loss or theft," said Suzanne Kantra of Techlicious. 

Another option is to invest in a durable case to protect the phone.

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