Marianne Williamson will cast her woo-woo wokeness on the podcast world

click to enlarge Courtesy photoLight a candle, grab a crystal, and sage your Airpods, girlfriend, because Marianne Williamson — the Democratic debate stage diva, priestess of progressive politics, and superfan of James Cameron'sis entering the podcast realm.The bewitching 68-year-old former metro Detroiter , self-help author, spiritual advisor to Hollywood folks, and the most Googled Democratic presidential candidate in the country following her intoxicating debate performances announced Monday that her podcast, simply titledwill be launching next week.“It's going to be a big shock to you. I'm going to be the 1,767,000th person to start a podcast,” Williamson said in the podcast trailer, in which she claims she will “get down and real about some things that have to change inside us and outside, psychologically, spiritually, politically, economically, in order to make this world a better place.”The podcast (which should have been calledor, or something) will invite guests whom Williamson reads and listens to in order to achieve a deeper understanding of her own life. In addition to discussing love and politics and interviews with her peers, she'll also answer listener questions sent to We're not sure she'll be able to hex the Presidentyour ex, but as Williamson has said in the past: “A grey sky is actually a blue sky covered up by grey clouds.”You do you, girl!For more information visit