Understanding roundabouts: How to properly use these modern intersections

Several roundabouts appear on list of most dangerous intersections

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DETROIT – Roundabouts are often touted as safer alternatives to traditional intersections, yet several roundabouts landed on the 2017 list of most dangerous intersections in Michigan.

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Studies have shown that roundabouts can, in fact, can help reduce crashes. However, roundabouts may prove to be a challenge for those who are unfamiliar with them or don't drive them regularly.

How to use a roundabout

When approaching a roundabout, slow down and look at the signs and lane makers to determine which lane you need. Get into the lane before you enter the roundabout.

Watch a video from the Michigan Department of Transportation that shows how to properly use a roundabout below.

Yield to any pedestrians at the crosswalk and allow them to cross. After they cross, proceed but slow down as you approach the yield sign. Check to the left to make sure no other vehicles are in the roundabout before entering.

Once in the roundabout, do not stop, change lanes or pass another vehicle.

As you approach the street you need, turn on your turn signal. Check for pedestrians before exiting the roundabout.