Metro Detroit names 'Angel's Bake-N-Cakes' the best place to get cupcakes

This pastry shop took first in cupcakes, and placed in two other categories


Vote 4 The Best is an annual event where thousands of Metro Detroit businesses ask the public to vote for their favorite among all kinds of categories. Among the tastiest of those categories is "Best Cupcakes," where "Angel's Bake-N-Cakes" has won.

It shouldn't be a surprise then to learn that they've also placed highly in similar categories. Metro Detroit voted them second in "Best Cakes" and third in "Best Bakery," making the overall popularity of the establishment abundantly clear. That popularity is earned through elaborately made cakes that put as much effort into the flavor as they do their beautiful designs. Yes, it's true; from experience we can say these cakes taste as good as they look!

Angela Singleton, one of the owners, said, "Everything we do, we put our heart and soul into it. We've been at it for a long time, and we treat people like family."

Their selection includes delicious treats like the "turtle cheesecake cupcake," "cannoli cupcake-" and the "lemon meringue pie cupcake." Watch at around 1:40 into the video above for a reaction from Tati Amare that we can pretty much all relate to.

For anyone interested in doing your mouth a favor, they are located at 3969 Fort St. in Lincoln Park. You can also place orders or look at their selection through their website.

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