Metro Detroit forecast: Intense rain joins stifling hot weather

Cold front passes into Metro Detroit overnight

DETROIT – A few intense downpours have popped in to join the stifling heat and humidity in Metro Detroit. Expect to see more of the same across the entire area Monday evening.

We're in a marginal risk for severe weather, but the biggest issue with these storms will be how much and how intense the rain becomes. Storm chances won't go away until a cold front passes overnight.

Overnight lows will be in a wide range from the upper 50s in our North Zone to the low 70s in our South Zone. Check the 4ZONE tab for more on Monday's temperatures.

An overnight front will have a huge impact on our weather. Even though the humidity will still be around when we wake up, at least south of Detroit, the air will continue to dry out.

Highs will barely reach 80 degrees in the afternoon with much lower humidity. So what we're saying is it's going to be really nice. In fact, temperatures will stay around normal with low humidity for the rest of the week and into next week.

The same front bringing us relief will hang around just close enough to push a shower back into the area early Wednesday morning.

Rain will return for parts of River Days this weekend, but check out the made-to-order forecast for Ford Fireworks Monday in our 10-day forecast.

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