Metro Detroit weather: Another heavy rainfall right around corner

Flood watches issues for Thursday

DETROIT – After more than 3 inches of rain fell in spots around Metro Detroit, our next soaker is just around the corner.

Flood watches have already been posted for Thursday.

For the rest of Wednesday night, we’ll remain generally dry. Also, the severe storm threat will remain south. That’s all working in our favor in the short-term. Lows are headed to the mid-40s.

We'll stay dry Thursday until the evening. Rainfall should average between 0.25 and 0.75 inches, but there will be isolated downpours where totals will top an inch. Highs will stop in the low 60s. You can see that in the computer model data below. The exact location of those 1-inch totals is impossible to nail down, but be prepared for it.


The rain will last through early Friday morning, then we can breathe easier through the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday still look drybut with more clouds and slightly cooler temperatures than we first thought. Highs both days will be on either side of normal.

Next week is looking unsettled. The pattern looks similar, but the amount of rainfall won’t be as high. Check out the rain chances in our 10-day forecast.

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