Metro Detroit weather: Not a dog day, but they’re coming

Here is the weather forecast for Metro Detroit.
Here is the weather forecast for Metro Detroit.

DETROIT – It’s been yet another spectacular night of sleeping weather, and the day ahead will be another beauty as well!

This time of year we’re usually complaining about the Dog Days of August -- hot, steamy days. Well, we’re already had our fill of that this summer, and more is on the way as you’ll read below.

Bassmasters tournament note

But first, you really can’t ask for a better day for the start of the Bassmasters Elite Series on Lake St. Clair! The Bassmaster Elite Series is the highest level of professional bass fishing tournaments. Competitors must qualify for the series through the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Opens or the B.A.S.S. Nation, and anglers who are already on the Elite Series must re-qualify each year by maintaining enough points throughout the season.

The pro anglers compete all season for the opportunity to win points toward the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year award and to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic. There’s $1 Million in total prize money, with the winner getting $100,000! Now THAT’S big time fishing! A special welcome to you anglers who have traveled to our wonderful area for this week’s tournament!

Rest of Thursday forecast

Keep the sunglasses handy, as we’ll have a ton of sun today. Temperatures will inch upward into the low 80s (28 degrees Celsius), but we’ll keep the humidity well in check. South-southwest wind at 5 to 10 mph.

Today’s sunrise is at 6:47 a.m., and today’s sunset is at 8:26 p.m.

Mostly clear Thursday night, with lows in the low 60s (16 degrees Celsius) in the city, but upper 50s (14 to 15 degrees Celsius) in rural areas. Southwest wind at 2 to 5 mph.

Mostly sunny Friday (TGIF!), with highs in the upper 80s (31 degrees Celsius), and the humidity still not a problem.

Mostly clear Friday night, with lows in the mid 60s (17 degrees Celsius).

Weekend update

Mostly sunny and continued hot on Saturday (get used to this), with highs near 90 degrees (32 degrees Celsius).

It’ll be a wonderfully balmy Saturday evening for grilling, twilight golf or tennis, an after dinner walk around the block, or perhaps a bike ride up to your favorite neighborhood ice cream place! Mostly clear skies will continue Saturday night, with lows in the mid to upper 60s (19 degrees Celsius).

Mostly sunny to partly cloudy on Sunday, and you’ll notice the humidity creeping up as well. Highs in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees (31 to 32 degrees Celsius). There is a big question mark now as to if we’ll see a thunderstorm at all on Sunday. Most computer models advertise at least a scattered storm chance, but the ever-trustworthy ECMWF model says no rain. At this point, I think it’s prudent to plan for a scattered afternoon thunderstorm, and make sure to check out app’s live radar to stay ahead of the weather if you have outdoor plans.

How long does the heat stick around?

The answer: Quite a while. It appears that we’ll keep highs in the upper 80s to lows (31 to 33 degrees Celsius) probably through Thursday, when a cold front finally approaches with some relief. Humidity will keep overnight lows in the mid to upper 60s (19 to 21 degrees Celsius).

A scattered thunderstorm is possible on Monday but, other than that, our best chance to see any rain comes Thursday with that front. Preliminarily, as long as that front is long gone by Friday, next weekend could be spectacular, but I wouldn’t make any plans based upon this yet -- we’re still 10 days away from that, and things can change.

About the Author:

Local 4 meteorologist Paul Gross was born in Detroit and has spent his entire life and career right here in southeast Michigan. Paul has researched, written and produced eight half-hour documentaries for WDIV, as well as many science, historical and environmental stories.