Metro Detroit weather: After slow start to season snow chances increase

Snow showers expected Tuesday morning

DETROIT – Yet another snow shot is around the corner, but you know what isn’t? Heat! Let’s dig into how cold we’ll get this week.

Flakes Return

After a very slow start to the season, we’re getting more frequent chances of snow. But the one slated for Tuesday won’t be much, especially compared to our weekend burst. Expect a few snow showers when we get going on Tuesday morning. These will be widely scattered and light. Accumulation will be paltry, less than an inch for everyone. Some flakes might linger into the afternoon, but they’ll be much lighter. Then that’s all she wrote for precipitation for the rest of this week. We will keep plenty of clouds around with limited breaks more likely for the back half of the week.

Consistently Cold

We should peek above the freezing mark every day this week. But we’re talking by a few degrees. Our warmest temperature will come Wednesday, and that’s only 38! Normal highs are now down to 32 and will remain there throughout the month. The good news is this the lowest our normals get. So starting in early February, they’ll start inching back upward toward Spring (never too early to discuss that right?).

Looking Way Out

The January outlook paints a little different picture, however. It has decent chances of above normal temperatures AND precipitation. Remember, those are the odds of just getting outside normal. It doesn’t tell us how far outside we’ll get. Considering this first 10 days will be pretty close to normal on the thermometer, and almost completely dry, you can expect some changes down the road.

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