Student from Trenton takes senior pictures with Lions players

Trio took photos on field

DETROIT – Emma Flaishans may be the biggest Lions fan ever. The Lions den in her Trenton home is very impressive. It has every piece of Lions memorabilia you can think about. 

The 17-year-old played football and is a Lions season ticket holder. Yes, they are her tickets. So when her senior pictures rolled around, she had an idea. 

“I was getting my pictures at Ford Field,” Flaishans said. “So during the first preseason game, I made a sign to see if I could get the players to come.”

The sign read: Players and coaches, join me on Aug. 18 at Ford Field for my senior pictures.

There was just one hiccup, the team was going to be in Houston the night before for a preseason game. 

Flaishans thought nothing of it. She figured it was worth a try. She did take her pictures on that day. Then, she got a call to come to Ford Field last Wednesday. 

“Sam Martin and Romeo Okwara showed up, and I got a photo shoot with them,” she said. 

The pictures are so cool. The trio took photos on the field and in Flaishans’ seats, row 27, right behind the tunnel. 

“At first we talked, they asked me about school and we talked about me playing football,” Flaishans said. “We played catch. That was the best part, just hanging out.”

Flaishans said her friends can’t believe it. It was the talk of homecoming last weekend. Meanwhile, she is still pinching herself. Her Lions fandom has grown exponentially. 
“It was the greatest thing ever,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it. It was the best thing that’s ever happened.”

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