'Chasing the Champions Tour' update: Help from David Frost

David Frost and Bob Krause
David Frost and Bob Krause

GRAND BLANC, Mich. – I recently had the pleasure of playing in the Ally Championship Pro-Am at Warwick Hills C.C. in Grand Blanc, Mich.

It was during this tournament that David Frost, winner of 10 PGA Tour events, 6 Champions Tour events, and 29 professional tour wins, agreed to be my adviser. I am humbled and honored to say the least.

I want to wholeheartedly thank Joe Vicari and the Andiamo restaurant group for sponsoring the day and making the introduction to David.

During our round, David and I spoke about the importance of having the correct shafts for our clubs. I had been having doubts all season with what shaft to use. Conventional wisdom tells you that as a golfer gets older, they should move to a softer shaft. However, after seeing how my woods were performing it was clear that the shaft was too soft or flexible for my swing. David advised me is to get an X-flex that gets tipped 1" by the head of the club.

I took action and received my new Mitsubishi Tensei X-Flex shafts with the Boran tip that is tipped 1".

This change has me excited to go after my woods again and not worry about losing accuracy!