Dearborn's Qahwah House ranked best coffee spot in Michigan by Yelp

The Yemeni coffee shop is opening a second location in west Dearborn

Qahwah House was ranked best coffee shop in Michigan by Yelp. (Yelp/user: Alyssa R.)

DEARBORN, Mich. – With temperatures taking a cooler turn for the fall season, Michiganders will begin taking refuge in the nearest coffee shop.

Luckily, Yelp has taken on the onerous task of choosing with its list of the best coffee shop in each state.

Qahwah House in east Dearborn topped the list as the best coffee shop in Michigan. The family-run Yemeni café offers lattes and teas infused with traditional Yemeni flavors using cardamom, ginger and nutmeg. 

"Our very own Yemeni American entrepreneurs got some well-deserved recognition for having the best coffee in Michigan," said Rep. Abdullah Hammoud in a Facebook post. "Excited for the opening of the second location later this year in west Dearborn."

Qahwah House opened in 2016 on Schaefer Road "for the sole purpose of providing the best quality coffee with no added preservative, artificial additives, or flavors. Our expertise originates from a long line of ancestors, all committed to the tradition and innovation of coffee," its website states.

The coffee shop will be opening a second location on Michigan Avenue in downtown west Dearborn.