Personality Quiz: Which Detroit athlete are you?

Find out which Detroit athlete matches your personality best!

Out of all the great athletes in our city, which one are you most similar to? (Photo/Anon)

Detroit is one of the greatest sports towns in the country, based on both popularity and success. From the “Bad Boys” and “Goin’ to Work” Pistons to the famous 1984 Tigers to the countless titles the Red Wings have won over the years to earn the name of ‘Hockeytown’, Detroit has had some special, charismatic groups over the past few decades.

Detroit has also been home to some unique athlete personalities during this same time. From the trash-talking Bill Laimbeer to the eccentric Dennis Rodman to the laid-back Miguel Cabrera, Detroiters have often found pride in being able to relate to the players on their sports teams.

Take the personality quiz below to figure out which current Detroit athlete matches your personality best!

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