Browse art that will be on view at Ann Arbor Art Fair

Credit: State Street Art Fair

ANN ARBOR – Planning on attending the Ann Arbor Art Fair this year? Here’s some advice: Preview the art before you arrive.

The event, which spans 30 city blocks, can be a sensory overload with so much to see. If you have something in mind that you’re shopping for, then we recommend checking out what artists will be selling ahead of time so you can create your own curated guide to the fair.

You can preview all the artists from each of the three fairs below:

Each artist page for the Summer Art Fair and The Original also has their booth number with the fair’s wayfinding system. The first two letters of the booth ID indicate which street it is on, so for instance “LI” is Liberty and “SU” is South University.

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For a list of artist booth numbers for the State Street Art Fair, click here.

Map of the 2021 Ann Arbor Art Fair. (Ann Arbor Art Fair)

See some of the art that will be for sale this week.

Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair

Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair

Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original

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