Portion of Swift Run Dog Park in Ann Arbor closes for maintenance

A dog runs with a ball in its mouth. (Pexels)

ANN ARBOR – Maintenance at Swift Run Dog Park began on Monday as the city kicks off a year-long improvement project.

Officials closed half of the large-dog area, where work will include turf replacement and new fencing. The new turf is expected to establish through the spring, and 370 feet of new fencing will be installed on the southwest corner of the park.

While temporary fencing is installed this month, the large-dog area may be closed intermittently.

Once spring arrives and the new turf is ready, the project will focus on the other half of the area -- also expected to last six months as the new turf establishes. This way, half of the large-dog area will remain open at all times.

The small-dog area of the part will remain open throughout the year and will not be impacted by the project.

The project is being overseen by the city of Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission.

Have questions about the project? Contact parks@washtenaw.org.