Ann Arbor police, fire departments clap back at Michigan vs. Michigan State night game announcement with meme

Michigan fans wave pom-poms before an NCAA college football game between Michigan and Notre Dame, Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011, in Ann Arbor, Mich. This is the first ever night game to be played at Michigan Stadium. (AP Photo/Tony Ding) (TONY DING, AP2011)

ANN ARBOR – It all started with a retweet.

The Ann Arbor Police Department retweeted on Thursday an image of a seemingly exhausted Ben Affleck getting some air with a cigarette in hand with the caption: “Ann Arbor police department when they heard the MSU/UM game was going to be a night game.”

“Most accurate meme we’ve seen today,” wrote Ann Arbor police.

Six hours later, the tweet has more than 3,700 likes and 278 retweets.

But that’s not where it ends.

The Ann Arbor Fire Department jumped on the social media bandwagon, sharing the image on Facebook saying they “could not agree more.”

On Facebook, AAPD shared the image with the caption: “Some memes are funny. Some are childish. Some are wildly accurate.”

It couldn’t be because of the famed couch burning tradition by MSU fans, could it?

Following Michigan State’s win over Michigan last year, MSU fans started more than 20 fires and flipped a car over in East Lansing.

Here’s to hoping for a quieter night following the Oct. 29 game.

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