Michigan lake named one of the best party lakes in America


If you want to party on a lake, Michigan is a great place to make that happen.

Michigan has more than 11,000 inland lakes, so at least a handful have to be ripe for partying, right?

Thrillist released their list of the best party lakes in America this week and one Michigan lake made the list - it probably won't surprise you. (No, it's not Torch Lake)

Lake St. Clair

Here's what Thrillist wrote about it:

With an average depth of 11 feet, LSC is ripe for boat parties and home to Jobbie Nooner, a water-based Mardi Gras that happens twice a year and boasts its fair share of booze, toplessness, and massive crowds.

Drop Anchor: Big Muscamoot Bay (N 42.55783 and W -82.66071) is your move for an R-rated anchorage with floating parties. Also, an S.S. Pizza Boat delivery service. After a day on the bay you should breach for free music at Lake St. Clair Metropark and a host of other activities, including attempting to beat Lake Cumberland’s raft chain world record. Pro tip: buy the on-site Guinness judge a slice of floating pizza.  

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