UAW-GM strike: Inside the meeting that could make or break the tentative agreement

DETROIT – United Auto Workers are still on strike and anxious to learn what's in the tentative deal between the UAW and General Motors.

There are roughly 200 UAW local presidents and shop committee chairpersons headed to Detroit for Thursday's meeting. They will get the first look at what's in the contract, and then vote.

When the news of a tentative agreement came just minutes before noon, UAW Local 174 shop committee chairman Bill Bagwell Jr. said he was happy, but still guardedly optimistic.

"The leadership of the UAW would not have approved a bad agreement, so it's great to me. We're ready to go back to work, but only with a good agreement," Bagwell said.

Local 4 offered to show him what we have confirmed about the deal, but he wasn't interested in hearing the details. He wants it from the horse's mouth. He'll be there ready to vote at Thursday's subcommittee meeting.

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