Biggest recalls of 2011

Make sure your home is safe


DETROIT – Last year was a busy one for the Ruth to the Rescue team as it worked to alert you to things that could harm your family.

This is a look back at some of the biggest consumer stories she covered in 2011.

Roman shades and blinds

There is something that could be in your home right now that looks innocent but can be lethal - especially for kids.

We're talking a certain kind of blinds which may have been purchased from Meijer years ago for about $40.

In October these Roman shades and roll-up blinds were quickly pulled from store shelves because of strangulation fears.
There were concerns about children placing their necks between the exposed inner cord and the fabric on the backside of the blind ... or when kids pull the cord out wrapping it around their necks.
Originally the products were sold at Meijer stores between January 2004 and December 2009.

Most recently the roman shades and rollup blinds could be found at Dollar Stores, flea markets and other retailers between March 2010 and September of last year. Originally it was part of a multi-million recall from numerous manufacturers.

If this item is in your home, you may want to get ride of it to keep your kids safe. 
For a free repair kit, contact Window Coverings Safety Council at 800-506-4636 or visit their website at www.windowcoverings.org.

Drop-Side Cribs
One of the most important consumer stories of last year was the controversy over drop side cribs.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission banned them after it came to light that 150 babies had died between 2007 and 2010.
The law sent crib manufacturers into a frenzy, prompting many recalls as soon as it took effect.

If parents absolutely must use these cribs, bolt it permanently shut.

If you have a crib from one of these manufacturers- you need to look to see if the exact item is on the recall list. 
Generation Two Worldwide Safetycraft brand drop-side cribs

Ikea Sniglar cribs

Delta drop-side cribs

Shermag drop-side cribs

Yu Wei drop-side cribs

Dutailer drop side cribs

If you have a drop-side crib in your home, don't donate or sell it.

Bumbo Baby Seats

It's a product already purchased by nearly four million Americans so chances are you or someone you know may have heard of this one.

Bumbo Baby Seats could leave your baby with a bump on the head, or even worse, a skull fracture.

That was the word from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission which issued a renewed warning about the seats.

The CPSC and Bumbo International urged parents and caregivers to never place Bumbo Seats on tables, countertops, chairs of other raised surfaces with a baby inside.

Infants as young as three months old can fall or escape from  them by arching backward, leaning forward or sideways, or rocking.

If you have this product you're asked to heed the warnings to avoid serious injury. 

Gel Candles
Check your patios. One of the biggest recalls of 2011 had to do with one unsuspected product many of us use which actually injured a metro Detroiter.

One year after a local woman was badly burned by a popular patio product , it was pulled from the shelves.

Julie Jarvis of Farmington Hills was in her friend's back yard for barbecue - one moment her friend was lighting this gel citronella candle - the next Julie was on fire.

Julie had second and third degree burns - her hair, face and arms went up in flames.  Her road to recovery was a long one after receiving a series of skin graphs and shaving her head.

Back in June, the Consumer Product Safety Commission ordered the recall of two million containers of fuel gel used in these firepots.

The pourable fuel can unexpectedly ignite, and splash onto users when poured into already-lit firepots, posing a risk of burning the user.

There have been 65 incidents ending in two deaths.

The candle gels were sold at various retailers since 2008 for between $5 and $20.

If you have one, you're urged to discontinue use of the gel-based fuels and contact the manufacturers for refunds and information on how to return the unused bottles of the fuel.

For additional information, contact Bird Brain toll-free at (877) 414-0842 anytime (live operators available between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday) or visit the company's website at www.birdbrainrecall.com.