Retired Corpsman with PTSD honored with 'Quilt of Valor'

Munro served in Gulf War

LIVONIA, Mich. – Steven Munro may find it a little easier to deal with his PTSD after he was given a "Quilt of Valor."

Munro is a retired career Navy CPO, who served as a Corpsman for the Marines during the Gulf War and suffers from PTSD. His fellow Corpsman, Guyla Mawson, nominated him for the Quilt of Valor Award, which was presented to him at Eastside Mario’s early Saturday afternoon.

Along with the Quilt of Valor, hand stitched by two of the foundations’ volunteers, Munro was also presented with an American flag.

“The quilt itself is a symbol that there are others out there who have dealt with the same thing, who are receiving recognition; some long overdue, and others like myself that it means a form of closure almost, it means that I can wrap that around and go ‘yes, I’m home, I’m safe, I’m okay’,” Munro said.