ClickOn Presents: Pies and Plots

Recipes from a Metro Detroit renaissance woman

Laura Dembowski, who submitted a recipe for flourless peanut butter cookies to our Vote 4 the Best D'licious Desserts competition, has been blogging about food, fashion, and writing for nearly 6 years. She started her blog because she wanted to be a writer, and she realized that she had to

build a fan base to become successful. Since then, she's used her knowledge of baking and writing to make a charming blog that attracts people from all walks of life.

Pies and Plots offers a lot for its diverse group of readers, because Laura explores recipes for everyone. There are vegan recipes, gluten free concoctions, and frequently she'll offer alternative suggestions for recipes which can be made to suit multiple lifestyles.

"There are some recipes that can be made in twenty minutes," said Laura, "And then there are some that can take all afternoon; if it's a rainy or snowy day and you want to stay inside and bake."

Everything she writes about for the blog she makes and tries herself. When asked what her favorite dessert was, she said it was the coconut cake, mentioning that it was made with an Italian butter cream that sounded mouth-wateringly good.

Check out for advice on baking, fashion, and writing from Laura Dembowski, and check back in with ClickOnDetroit for more D'licious Desserts!