The duo spreading love in the Heart of Detroit

Sometimes after a tragedy something beautiful can happen. In the Heart of Detroit Michelle and Al Clemens are proving that it can happen. After losing their son, they are now dedicating their lives to helping others. 

Ian Clemens was a teenager with a heart of gold. He wanted to be an engineer at the University of Michigan and use his skills to make the world a better place. Without any signs he and his family discovered he had a rare form of brain cancer. Ian passed 32 days after the diagnosis. 

To honor their sons dream, Michelle and Al started the Ian Clemens Memorial Scholarship for Wayne County high school students looking to become an engineer. So far, the organization has been able to help eight students and many more to come. 

Another Aspect of their organization is providing funds to families in need who have experienced an unexpected diagnosis of cancer. The funds also cover things like traveling expenses and emergencies. 

The amazing Mom and Dad duo also talk with other families and bring support to the hospitals. Michelle says the time of sharing and support at the hospitals is therapeutic to many. Michelle and Ian are proud to say although he is not here he is still able to help others and for them that brings joy to their hearts. 

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