To Detroit With Love organization fulfills wish lists for residents in need

Erica Guido takes items straight to people who need them

DETROIT – A Metro Detroit woman who loves Detroit and its residents has made it her mission to help provide for others.

Erica Guido's front porch is filled with items for Detroiters in need. In fact, she delivers the items to them for free.

"It's the best," Guido said. "It's the most rewarding thing I've ever done, outside of being a mother. It's incredible."

Guido named her nonprofit organization To Detroit With Love.

People send her wish lists of items they need, and she provides them, furnishing one home a day. She loads everything into her truck and makes the delivery all on a single tank of gas, which costs $60.

She said believe it or not, getting the items people need for free is easier than you might think.

"I went to my community on Facebook and I asked, you know, there's so many swap groups now and communities," Guido said. "So I connect with donors. I just ask people to,  you know, 'She needs this. She needs that.' With technology today, why not just take the items straight to the person that needs it?"

"It made me feel very good," Keith Hill said. "I was disabled."

Hill was on the receiving end of To Detroit With Love and Guido's kindness. He showed Local 4 the microwave, stove, fridge and mattress he received from the organization.

"If they need anything -- we don't just take furniture and appliances," Guido said. "We bring toys. We bring clothing."

To Detroit With Love has helped more than 300 families in about two years of operation. Nothing is stored or kept in a warehouse. The nonprofit continues to serve Detroit neighborhoods, thanks to the kindness of others.

When Guido has to deliver a fridge or a stove, she has help. Families who have received previous donations help her make deliveries to other households.

Click here if you'd like to join the Facebook group to see the wish lists of others in Detroit, or if there are items you need.

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