How ‘Each One, Teach One’ helps families grow together

How ‘Each One, Teach One’ helps families grow together
How ‘Each One, Teach One’ helps families grow together

Okay so you have a child -- now what?

Or maybe your son or daughter is about to graduate high school and you don’t know how to make sure he or she is ready for college. Today’s Your Neighborhood introduces you to the creator of a local organization that brings parents and families together to help each one.

We all know that parenting can be hard.

“You know when you have kids the first thing people say is there’s no instructions for this!” said parent Maria Franklin.

And you’ve likely heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child.”

“This is a place where parents can go and actually get enriched, engaged, better themselves to better be able to serve their kids,” said Franklin.

That place is Each One, Teach One started by Dr. Patricia Ferguson.

"Each One, Teach One is a community based non-profit organization, 501c3, and the sole purpose is to empower youth,” said Dr. Ferguson.

Dr. Ferguson started Each One, Teach One for parents of children ages 4-12 back in 1999. Parents meet and share available resources in the community for students and their families. The number of ways to connect makes it fun for the whole family.

“I was gonna go on my own but when I looked at the panel that she had in place there were so many options for the kids!” said Franklin.

Franklin is a mother of three -- ages 8, 10 and 14. For her and others, Each One, Teach One provides help in areas like training in etiquette, effective communication, financial literacy, understanding the value of volunteerism and community service and mentorship. The organization’s ultimate goal is to see empowered youth soar in their educational, behavioral and societal plans.

“I’ve been coming for three years now and it’s just a way for parents to come to a centralized location and get all the information,” said mom Kristin Buford.

Buford encourages all parents to get involved with the organization’s symposiums. Her daughter loves what she’s able to learn.

“My daughter has been able to participate in ‘Girls in Politics’ because of being connected with this program," said Buford.

And as a parent, being able to network with others she may not have known otherwise makes each one teach one that much more powerful.

“I feel very equipped to give my daughter the experience that she needs,” said Buford.

Each One, Teach One has a number of events for parents and families. Because of coronavirus, the annual event with classes and seminars for parents and children is all virtual this year.

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