Black-owned businesses help Metro Detroit parents with back-to-school decision

Tutoring companies want to make choice easier for parents

DETROIT – As we continue to highlight businesses for Black Owned Business Month, we’re taking a look at education. A lot of parents are dealing with the decision to send kids back to school or do virtual learning in the fall. Two local black-owned tutoring companies want to make it easier for you.

“Actually, I was doing tutoring for my job and then I decided, ’Well, I can do this on my own,’ you know?” Tiffani Thomas said. “I love kids, and I was definitely prepared for it, and I had the brains for it, so I just went for it.”

Thomas is the owner of Thomas Mobile Tutoring, which brings the tutoring to you.

“Thomas Mobile Tutoring is a travel-based company,” she said. “It’s a tutoring company, and I travel from west side to the east side all over the city of Detroit to help the kids in the community.”

She started the company in Detroit almost five years ago, and now she travels all over the Metro Detroit area. She has a team of four tutors who work with her and over 200 clients.

“I remember being that student in school, not knowing what to do, not asking a question if I was confused and not asking my teacher,” Thomas said.

“I’m genuinely passionate about it,” Maya Robinson said. “I’m very passionate about kids.”

Robinson is the owner of Tutoring With Ms. Maya and Company. She provides a safe space to tutor her clients.

“Especially African-American kids and them getting the access to all the resources a lot of other kids do and we typically don’t,” Robinson said.

Students can receive in-person what she calls “psychology based tutoring,” among other mobile and virtual options.

“My youngest daughter was dealing with a small disability as far as her learning disability,” client Sue Terrell said.

“I invented the term called ‘psychological based tutoring,’ and it combined my bachelors degree in psychology with my understanding of education and the learning process and it takes into consideration that sometimes kids are having a hard time in school because they’re shy or have test anxiety,” Robinson said.

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