12-year-old Dearborn boy creates Local 4 logo with Rubik’s Cube art

‘Thank you Channel 4 for your support,’ Mohamed Charara says

DEARBORN, Mich. – A 12-year-old Dearborn boy has gone viral on TikTok for the art he makes using Rubik’s Cubes.

Mohamed Charara is known on social media as rubikscuber0. He only has a few videos, but they’ve already been seen hundreds of thousands of times.

ORIGINAL REPORT: 12-year-old Dearborn boy goes viral with Rubik’s Cube art

Charara said he can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than a minute. He discovered his skills when his mom bribed him, hoping to cut back on screen time. The first person to solve a Rubik’s Cube would win.

He started creating works of art using the solved Rubik’s Cubes. He has more than 500 of them and has seen a huge response to his art on the internet.

“It’s a challenging puzzle, but like it’s enjoyable,” Charara said. “Every time I do portraits, it’s a good challenge because it’s like I’m putting together puzzle pieces.”

Watch the video above to see what he made.

Click here to view his TikTok account.

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