$17 frames for Detroiters in need of new prescription glasses

Eye Care For Detroit offers discounted glasses starting Sept. 1

Cleamon Moorer Jr., DBA, founding executive director of Eye Care For Detroit, is transforming a van into a mobile clinic to bring eye care to the doorsteps of Detroit’s homebound and underserved populations. (Eye Care For Detroit)

DETROIT – Affordable eyewear is making its way to Detroiters this fall.

Eye Care for Detroit will be offering frames for $17 or a $17.01 discount. An estimated 40,000 Detroiters will have access to this offer. The offer will be applied to over 120 eyeglass frames.

“Thousands of Detroit residents are at risk of preventable and treatable eye diseases due to a lack of access to care and affordable options,” writes founding Executive Director of Eye Care For Detroit Cleamon Moorer Jr in a press release. “Those with poor vision are more likely to experience falls, social isolation and decreased independence. Our organization aims to eliminate the barriers and to make eye care more accessible for at-risk, aging and marginalized populations. This incredible partnership with Eyeglasses.com will make the eyewear portion of care much more affordable.”

Mark Agnew, founder and CEO of Eyeglasses.com, is partnering with Eye Care For Detroit and will offer substantially reduced-cost eyeglass frames to make eyewear more affordable for Detroit residents. (Eye Care for Detroit)

The company writes in a press release that they are assembling a network to provide accessible care in several ways, including Telehealth, in-home visits, mobile clinics and a shuttle service.

“We’ve worked with many homebound patients in Detroit,” said Moorer. “Detroit is at the crossroads of poverty, aging, limited access to health care, healthcare inequities and declines in health and wellness. Many eye disorders and diseases are treatable if detected early. The current system does not enable that.”

Moorer studied the barriers many people have when getting proper eyewear. He found that there is often confusion about where to go, transportation, insurance and cost of frames, patients’ lack of time and dissatisfaction from previous eye appointments.

“We want to break down as many of those barriers as possible,” said Moorer. “We encourage others to join this effort to play a more active role in creating change for the underserved in our community. I care, you care, we all need to care for the eye care of Detroit.”

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