Get To Know The Local 4 Morning News Team

Here are some fun facts from a few members of the Morning Team. We’ll change it up so you learn different things every few weeks. And you’ll hear from the rest of the crew real soon.

Jason Colthorp

  • Jason co-anchors Local 4′s morning news with Rhonda Walker.
  • Favorite Places Around Town: The Redcoat Tavern. He says they have the best burgers in Detroit and it’s where he first told his wife that he loved her. He also likes Willis Show Bar for a totally unique experience. And loves a good Tigers game with the fam.
  • What You Wish You Knew Earlier In Life: Wishes he’d known CDs were going to be so easily copied and eventually obsolete. “I could’ve saved a LOT of money.”

Ashlee Baracy

  • She’s a mother of two, the first female Chief Meteorologist in Columbus, Ohio, and the former captain of the UofM Dance Team.
  • Favorite Places Around Town: The Belle Isle Conservatory. Besides loving nature it’s where she and her husband got engaged. She also loves The Big House, of course.
  • Favorite Book: Natural Disaster by Ginger Zee!

Kim DeGiulio

  • Kim grew up in Dearborn and went to Arizona State University where she studied broadcast journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • Favorite Places Around Town: The Riverwalk and Eastern Market.
  • Favorite Sandwich, Dessert and Meal: A falafel wrap from Bucharest Grill, cookies from Detroit Cookie Company, and a burger from Grey Ghost.

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