Kids' injuries prompt trampoline recall

Netting can break on BouncePro trampolines sold at Walmart


A Chinese manufacturer is recalling 92,000 trampolines sold in Walmart stores across the United States after numerous reports of children being injured after falling through broken netting.

There are 17 reports of broken nets on Sportspower BouncePro 14-inch trampolines. They've resulted in 11 injuries including broken bones, back and neck injuries, and contusions.

UPC codes 68706404210, and 68706404244 are printed on the trampoline box.

"Sportspower BouncePro 14" and "TR-14-63-A" are printed on a plate on the leg of the trampoline frame.

The trampolines are surrounded by brown netting measuring about 6 feet high on the perimeter of the trampoline. The netting is designed to contain individuals bouncing on the trampoline.

Consumers should stop using the trampolines immediately and contact Sportspower to get a replacement black netting. Sportspower's toll-free customer service hotline is 866-370-2131.