Detroit family says management ignored calls about seniors living without heat in middle of winter

Help Me Hank gets heat turned back on for Detroit seniors

DETROIT – Help Me Hank came to the rescue of a Detroit family who said a management company ignored their repeated calls about seniors living without heat in the middle of the winter.

The residents have been living in a cold rental home since October, so Hank Winchester went to the management office looking for answers and to make sure the heat was turned back on.

Shelthia Clay said her elderly parents rent the home. She said her family usually likes spending time at the home, but with the frigid temperatures, it’s been a challenge.

The family has complained to the management company, which promised the furnace would be fixed, Clay said. Crews came out to make repairs, but they never got the job done, she said.

Crews left the furnace exposed, creating a potential danger in the basement, Clay said.

Hank paid a visit to City Management Group, the company that works with the homeowner and manages the property. He told employees there that the furnace had been broken for months and needed to be fixed.

This week, Local 4 returned to the home and found the repairs had been made. The heat is back on in the home, so the family doesn’t have to worry about frigid temperatures outside or inside.

Anyone who finds themselves in a battle with a landlord or management company doesn’t have to live in a dangerous situation. You have rights, so go back and review your lease. Document everything, including calls and interactions with the landlord or management company. Take pictures of any damage or repairs that aren’t done properly, and make the company aware that if it’s spelled out in the lease, it’s their responsibility to pay for repairs.

If you don’t get results, call the Detroit Building and Safety Department to file a complaint.

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