Metro Detroit schools worried about cyber criminals targeting remote learning this fall

Most schools planning at least some remote learning in fall

DETROIT – With most Metro Detroit schools planning at least some remote learning in the fall, there’s a major concern about cyber criminals taking advantage.

Officials believe Cyber Criminals are looking to target thousands of students learning online in Michigan.

FBI agents are already working to get ahead, issuing alerts to help parents, students and districts prepare from a security standpoint.

The most important measure parents can take is to check their internet security. Change passwords and download the latest security protection onto every device in the home.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, ransomware attacks are becoming more common in businesses and school systems. FBI officials are warning schools about an attack involving a virus that holds computer systems hostage until a payoff.

School districts should have all their systems up to date, backup systems in multiple places and a plan in place for a cyber attack, experts said.

The threat could cost schools and students severely if they aren’t prepared, FBI officials said.

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