Michigan lawmaker begins investigation into US Postal Service due to mail delays

Delays could impact 2020 election, experts say

DETROIT – Has your mail been delayed or is it not even arriving at your home? It’s a big problem for many with implications for the November election.

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Ecorse resident Dr. Luther Rosemond said he’s experienced a big change with letters and bills arriving weeks late. He’s worried he could miss something important.

With many residents frustrated, an investigation has been launched into the delays and problems in the U.S. Postal Service.

ORIGINAL STORY: Michigan US Sen. Peters launches investigation into Postal Service delays

The delays have Sen. Gary Peters so concerned, he launched a full investigation. He wants s to know what’s causing the big delay and if politics may be involved. Peters is looking ahead to the November election and has concerns absentee ballots will be late.

Back in the 2016, the Michigan numbers came in late and the number of absentee voters at the time weren’t overwhelming. There has been a 350% rise in requests for absentee ballots in Michigan compared to the 2016 election and that number is expected to grow by November.

Late ballots could impact the election and your ability to vote.

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Peters is also reaching out to his colleagues in the Senate to see what problems others may be experiencing with mail delivery across the country.

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Peters is asking for individuals, business and organizations who have been affected by mail delays to report the problems to the committee here.

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