How the 2020 Michigan Primary Election will shape the November vote

Presidential election results could take days

Michigan’s primary election gave us a glimpse into what we may expect in November.

Michigan’s primary election gave us a glimpse into what we may expect in November.

However, with the huge number of absentee voters and Election Day becoming Election Week, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is putting out a warning about what needs to be done to make sure November goes off without a hitch.

The number of absentee voters in Michigan during the primary record breaking with more than 2 million all together. Some first-time absentee voters were a bit nervous voting this way, but with COVID-19 concerns raging, it seemed like a safer, easier option.

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Clerks are not allowed to start opening absentee ballots until election day and the job of counting more than 2 million ballots could cause delays.

Benson is pushing for Lansing to act and make the change so clerks can count as they receive ballots -- a change already made in nearly 20 other states.

Back in the 2016, the Michigan numbers came in late and the number of absentee voters at the time weren’t overwhelming. There has been a 350% rise in requests for absentee ballots in Michigan compared to the 2016 election and we should expect that to grow by November.

While a handful of key races were actually called on Election Night, many races remain in limbo while clerks sort out the remainder of ballots.

Primary Election Results by county:

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