Are you experiencing mail delays? Many worry possible disruptions could affect voting by mail

Local 4′s Help Me Hank team investigates

DETROIT – Possible mail delays have been a big concern for everyday people and political leaders like Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

An investigation is underway as many worry possible disruptions could affect voting by mail. Local 4′s Hank Winchester did a simple test to see if the mail being sent and received is getting where it needs to be on time.

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The Help Me Hank team sent mail from several Metro Detroit cities to Winchester’s home and from his home to Detroit.

The biggest delay they experienced was only three days. The majority of the letters were delivered in two days.

One letter from Clawson to Detroit took three days. One coming from Southfield to Royal Oak also took three days. The other 10 letters arrived in a timely manner.

If you are still experiencing delays you should alert your local post office, contact Michigan’s attorney general to voice your concern. If you’re worried about absentee voting contact your local clerk. When it’s time to return your ballot, you might want to consider physically taking the ballot to the clerk’s office if you can.

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