Help Me Hank’s travel test live updates

Help Me Hank's travel test. (WDIV)

8:34 p.m. update:

We’re home!

28 minutes early. Wowza! Thanks Delta.

Our roundtrip journey today started with a 4:45 a.m. alarm and ended with applause at 8:20 p.m. when the pilot announced the early arrival.

I know we were lucky today, but I hope our reports, inside info and advice from frustrated flyers helps you on your next journey.

If you need help you know you can always reach out to me directly

Safe travels all. Be well,


4:23 p.m. update:

Hello from Orlando!

I love DTW. MCO is dated and lacks the efficiency, options and cleanliness we get at DTW.

I was just here in May taking my kiddo to Disney, but I didn’t really look that closely at the airport as I was chasing a very active 4-year-old.

Things here are fairly smooth today. Yes, the airport is busy, but Orlando is always fairly busy. In fact, did you know it’s one of the most popular flights from DTW.

Our flight was smooth. No real issues, but I heard from so many who told me they arrived early and had a plan just in case. Smart move.

We’re slated to take off around 6 p.m. and, so far, our return is on-time. I hope I can sleep a bit on the return leg.

Thanks for coming along on our journey…more soon!


3:30 p.m. update:

11:09 a.m. update:

Touchdown Orlando.

Ok people, honest moment. I’m a nervous flyer and things were bumpy coming outta the D. Thankfully, we had a pilot sitting in our exit row. I always feel better if I can see a member of the crew or if a priest happens to be onboard.

Ok! I know... flying is the safest form of travel and I’ve flown so many times with no issues, but I still don’t love it. I’m a car guy. I like to see the road.

Anyway, we got here. We were a couple minutes late, but that was just because of the rainy weather at home. I’ve been chatting away in this bird and many people did arrive early. They all had stories about recent airline issues. From last minute cancellations to lost luggage, I’ve heard it all.

I’m easy to spot today as we are carrying lots of gear and a big old TV camera with a 4 microphone. Told ya, easy to spot.

I do love meeting our viewers and learning more about their lives and how we can best serve them. As for this story… it’s really just an opportunity for you to have a front row seat to this journey. Yes, I know many of you have flown many, many, many times, but things are a little different now. We just want to make sure you have all the info you need to make the best decisions... and, in this case, the best travel decisions.

I’ll see you live on Local 4 News at Noon from Orlando.

I gotta find time to do a few laps in this airport and at least get Emma a pair of mouse ears, right?! I wish I had time to run to CVS. They would be 80% cheaper. I learned that during our Disney trip in May. Disney and airports are insanely overpriced.

See y’all soon on tv and online!


Help Me Hank touching down in Orlando on July 6, 2022. (WDIV)

8:17 a.m. update:

And, we’re off!

We got to DTW around 6 a.m. The airport was not busy, however, we noticed around 12 delays and cancellations. Our flight to Orlando was on-time and right now I’m walking onto the plane.

We talked with many at the gate and people arrived early. One family got here at 5 a.m. They were worried about any issues and wanted to be prepared and flexible. That is really the key.

I’ll admit, I didn’t really sleep last night.. kind of on fumes, but hey it happens, right? I hope to catch a few zzz’s on the flight and then I will see you on Local 4 News at Noon.

Side note…made my first appearances this a.m. on Local4+ and on the Jason Carr Live show. Very cool.

See you soon in sunny Orlando!


Local 4's Hank Winchester at Detroit Metro Airport on July 6, 2022. (WDIV)
Delta desk at Detroit Metro Airport. (WDIV)
Help Me Hank's travel test. (WDIV)

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