Detroit parking ticket problems

Ruth to the Rescue gives tips on dealing with parking ticket mishap

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DETROIT - Peace of mind could be in the mail for some 19,000 people who were victims of a big parking ticket mistake.

Almost two weeks ago the city of Detroit admitted to having sent out notices of parking violations that were undeserved. Many turned to Ruth to the Rescue for help. Now the city says it's correcting the mistake by sending out notices dismissing the tickets.

The city says people who received a notice in June for a unpaid ticket from six years ago, or longer, are probably among those 19,000 who received notices in error. However, you will need to receive the notice to make sure you are in that group.

Since Ruth to the Rescue has received many calls and emails on this issue, here's some information we hope is helpful.

*Keep the original notice for your records.
*When you receive the correction keep it for your records.
*If you do not receive a notice, follow up with the city to confirm you are among those who received the notice in error.
*If you have heard from a collection agency, save all notices, but the city says you can disregard them.
*All accounts that were affected by the default notice sent in error have been suspended as of June 20.
*The city has recalled all violations from the 36th District Court to prevent additional DLN holds from being placed.
*The correction notices should be received by July 1.
*Citizens who have already paid their ticket may request a refund at the main office building located at 1101 Tenth St. Detroit or by telephone at 313-963-9630. A refund will take approximately 8 to 10 weeks.

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