Bernie Sanders pulling out all the stops in Michigan

Sanders throws everything he has at winning in Michigan

DETROIT – It’s been a busy day for both front runners in the Democratic presidential nomination in Michigan. Bernie Sanders has blitzed the state, rolling in Friday night and pulling out all the stops.

The senator held an invite-only discussion on the coronavirus Monday at Detroit Metro Airport. His campaign is feeling the polling numbers, which aren’t particularly great. If he loses Tuesday in Michigan, it’s hard to see a clear path forward for Sanders.

The Sanders campaign arrived in Michigan on Friday, canceling a planned rally in Mississippi. He’s thrown everything the campaign has at pulling out a win in Michigan, including bringing in campaign surrogates such as congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to rally Sunday at the University of Michigan.

Sanders started off Friday in Downtown Detroit and spent Saturday hustling across the state.

Our polling is showing Sanders has real problems with any voter over 50 years old, as well as African American votes.

Sanders won here in 2016, but the dynamic this time around is different. He will need to juice the student vote and perform flawlessly in west Michigan to make up for deficiencies in other categories.

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