This is Michigan’s rule on selfies at polling stations

I Voted stickers. (Joe Raedle, 2020 Getty Images)

We understand documenting that you’ve voted is important to a lot of people — especially when you get that “I Voted” sticker.

You should be proud of yourself for casting your vote, but know that there are strict rules in some places when it comes to taking pictures at polling places.

Here in Michigan, we have some restrictions concerning photos while voting.

“Voters can take a picture of their ballot in the voting booth,” states. “(But) for the privacy and security of neighboring voters, voters are prohibited against holding their ballot up for a selfie and/or photo.”

Electioneering -- when people actively advocate for a particular candidate -- is prohibited within 100 feet of the polling place. Because of that, voters should wait until they are more than that distance from the location.

Voters should always practice courtesy and common sense, and you can always ask a poll worker to specify what the rules are.

When in doubt, just wait until you’re back in your car to snap that “I Voted” sticker selfie.

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