Michigan Primary Election 2022: What to know before voting on Aug. 2

Michigan primary set for Tuesday, Aug. 2

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The Michigan State Primary Election will be taking place on August 2. As this is a big election for Michiganders, we compiled a guide on everything you need to know before you vote in August.

What’s a Primary Election?

A Primary Election is a process of elimination. Voters are able to indicate their preference for their party’s candidate. The winner of the Primary Election, the party’s nomination, goes on to the November General Election.

What are we voting on?

This Midterm Election is big for Michiganders because we are voting for governor this year. The gubernatorial election takes place every four years, and this is one of them!

Not only are we electing our governor, but we are going to be electing various positions by district such as US Representatives, State Senators, and judges for different state courts.

Who is running?

Governor Whitmer is running, trying for her second term, and she will be the Democratic Party candidate. The primary election will determine the Republican Party candidate. Tudor Dixon, Ryan Kelley, Ralph Rebandt, Kevin Rinke, and Garrett Soldano are running for the Republican Party nomination.

You can check who is running in your district by checking the What’s on The Ballot page on the Michigan Voter Information Center’s website. Just fill out the form and a sample ballot will show you exactly who is running for your district.

Sample 2022 Primary Election ballot for an Oakland County resident (Michigan Voter Information Center)

Where do I go to vote?

To determine where your polling place is, you will need to visit the Your Voter Information page on the Michigan Voter Information Center’s website. After you fill out a form that asks for your name and birthday, you will find the address of your polling place as well as information on your city or township clerk. This page will also show if you have registered to vote or if your absentee ballot has been received.

What’s the deal with these new districts?

Michigan’s 13 U.S. representatives and 148 state legislators are all elected from political divisions called districts. District lines are redrawn every ten years following the completion of the United States Census. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the new districts, as your ballot and candidates might look a little different.

Here is our guide to the new voting districts: Michigan election 2022: Your guide to newly drawn congressional districts

How do I register to vote?

If you have not yet registered to vote you can do so by going to your city or township clerk’s office. The last day to register to vote online or by mail is 15 days prior to election day. For the August primary, the last day to register online or by mail would be July 18.

Registration is a simple process, after eligibility is determined, applications can be submitted and processed, and just like that, you can vote!

For a full guide on how to register to vote visit the Register To Vote page on the Michigan Voter Information Center’s website.

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