Police: Don't get too personal with bumper stickers

TROY, Mich. – Bumper stickers have become an open book about our lives, from how many children we have to where we go to school.

However, police say you might want to think twice about sharing that information.

We live in a time where people share just about anything, but Barb Rupas isn't one of them.

"First of all I like a pristine car, and second of all I don't need to let other people know what my views are or what I think about things," said Rupas. "People are crazy in this world."

Some information, like sharing your favorite sports team, is harmless. But other information could be used by someone up to no good.

Although there have been no reported crimes in Troy connected to bumper stickers, Troy police Sgt. Meghan Lehman wants drivers to consider the dangers.

"They could just know a little more information about you than you may want them to know," said Lehman. "For instance if it's a single parent family, you only had the one parent figure. That could reveal more than you want someone to know."

Stickers or decals about hunting could lend people to assume the driver has guns at his or her home, while the popular stick figure families could reveal the family makeup, including the guard dog--or lack thereof.