This simple trick will make even the most average of tomatoes taste delicious

Take this advice with a grain of salt 😉

A tomato ( stock photo)

Anyone who loves tomatoes knows just how good they can be in the summertime.

Unfortunately, this season, most tomatoes aren’t quite there yet, said Avery Robinson, a culinary historian, researcher, editor and educator -- also a recent guest on “The Best Advice Show.”

But there’s a pretty simple way to make a subpar tomato incredibly flavorful. And it’s easy.

Take one of the “hockey pucks,” as Robinson called them -- you know, one of the tomatoes that was likely shipped before it was fully ripe, and never really had enough time on the vine to develop flavor -- and sprinkle it with just a little salt.

You can use table salt, finishing salt, kosher salt: Anything you have on hand in your kitchen already. That salt will release some moisture and help enhance the natural tomato flavor, Robinson said.

Let the salt sit from three to 15 minutes; ideally, 10 minutes.

“It’s magical,” Robinson told podcast creator and host Zak Rosen. Listen to the complete episode below -- it’s only about 2 1/2 minutes.

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