Student confessional: ’I hope we all get to experience college in some normal way’

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This submission is in response to our callout for experiences with returning to school amid the coronavirus pandemic. Submit yours here.

“I’m going to be a freshman attending The Ohio State University. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to move to campus this Friday. Ohio State has mandatory COVID saliva testing when we get to campus. I hope we can be safe, healthy and still have some semblance of college. I took one class this summer online. It was challenging that I couldn’t see my prof. I hope we all get to experience college in some normal way. My brother is a sophomore at MSU, although he is living off campus this year -- cancelling all on campus classes, office hours, study groups and activities are going to have a huge impact on his year.”

-- Mari Lynn

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We’ve heard from so many people with thoughts and concerns about returning to school this fall amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Now it’s time to hear about how the return is going. Whether you are attending school totally virtually, in-person or a combination of both, we want to know how it’s going. What is the experience like? What has changed the most for you?

We want to hear from any and all high school and college students, including those of you living on a college campus:

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