🔒Jason Colthorp’s new family dynamics: ‘I wouldn’t have it any other way’

‘Things I feel blessed to be experiencing again at my age’

I have a daughter who is 21.

She FaceTimed me Friday from Chicago to tell me about the shot her boyfriend was going to do because “it was that famous Chicago brand that tastes horrible.” (It’s an inside joke that anyone who’s ever tasted Malort knows all too well.)

I have a daughter who is 18. She sent me some video of her singing Karaoke and crushing it. “The whole place went crazy,” she texted me.

I have another daughter. She stood up on her own for the first time at her toy piano. She’ll turn a year old on October 30.

I guess you could say every week is strange for me as a parent. In many ways, having another baby when your oldest two are already in college is a breeze. I don’t stress the little things like I did when I was younger. But in other ways, it’s much tougher.

A baby can be your whole world. And college kids are more than happy to go their own way. So I often remind myself to be as present with my older girls as I am with my youngest. Luckily for me, it’s an easy connection to make since the older ones can’t get enough of the baby. They love seeing her and holding her. My 18-year-old is at Grand Valley and was disappointed I didn’t bring her baby sister when I visited last week. My oldest is asking if ALL of us are coming to the family tailgate at Michigan next week.

I know, some of you hear the phrase “starting over” as a parent and you think it’s crazy. I laugh -- because it is! But it’s also wonderful. It was amazing to watch my wife cry when Rosie looked at her and said her first word -- “mama.” Trust me, those are things I feel blessed to be experiencing again at my age, because I appreciate them even more.

I’m guessing next week will be strange, too. I’ll be changing and feeding and also handling a car lease and some tuition payments. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

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