🔒 Local 4 Gift Challenge: Where they spent their $40

Devin Scillian, Kimberly Gill, Jason Colthorp and Karen Drew were given $40 and challenged to buy meaningful gifts for each while still saving a little money for themselves.

Watch the video above to see what they got each other.

Here’s where each shopped:

Jason shopped at:

Gifts he received: MSU Christmas Ornament (Kim), Apple AirPods case (Devin), Hard Cider 4-pack (Karen), Fletch NBA playing card (Me)

Karen shopped at:

Devin shopped both in person and online:

Gifts he received: Mustang sign (Jason), journal (Karen), Detroit coaster (Kimberly)

Kimberly shopped both in person and online:

Gifts she received: Mini egg maker (Devin), Over the eye sleep mask and deep conditioning face mask (Karen), Zehnder’s Noodles and Chicken Seasoning (Jason), Detroit Golf Club Coaster (Me)