🔒My top 4 things to do in Detroit -- part one

It’s no secret -- I LOVE Detroit.

My friends know to call me when they are looking for things to do in the city. I love to explore whether it’s by myself, with my wife or my family. I especially love giving suggestions to people who aren’t as familiar.

I’m lucky enough to work Downtown and I see new things each and every day. So for part one of my “top 4 things to do in Detroit” I want to focus on the morning! Afternoon and nighttime in Detroit will come over the next couple of days.

As you read this, keep an open mind and know that this is my Detroit experience. But I’m always open to new ideas and experiences so please shoot me an email or DM on social media if you’ve got some fun places/experiences I should check out!

Morning spots

Every morning HAS to start with a good breakfast. Whether you like sweet or savory, your breakfast has to start at Hudson Cafe on Woodward Avenue here in Downtown Detroit. It helps that I’m friends with the owner, Tom Teknos, but hands down the restaurant has everything for everybody! When you’re there, try the Cinnabon pancakes. They’re my absolute favorite and the serving size can feed a family. Pair it with a mimosa and you’re ready to take on the city.

In my previous life, aka college, I was a barista at Starbucks so I know and love my coffee. Depending on how many mimosas you’ve had you can either walk over to Roasting Plant in Campus Martius or drive over to Great Lakes Coffee a ways up Woodward. Bring your laptop, iPad or iPhone (I don’t do Samsung, sorry) and get some work done while you sip on some incredibly brewed cups of coffee. These two places are incredible. If you’re at Roasting Plant, keep your eyes open. You never know who you’ll run into inside the small coffee shop. Did I mention it’s owned by actor Hill Harper?

I hope you brought your workout gear! Because after you’ve finished sending out your e-mails or posting that perfect photo of the foam on top of your latte to your Instagram, it’s time to work out! Head on over to Jabs Gym in Eastern Market. There you can join and sign up for classes with Syndi Jones and Armond Rashad. They’re incredible trainers and make working out FUN. I love the grit of the gym. If you’re looking to get fit for the new year they don’t mess around.

And listen, Supinos is right next door in case you need to refuel after they kick your butt but don’t tell them I said that! The who’s who of Detroit works out at Jabs Gym so you’ll be in good company. They also have a location in Birmingham.

When you’re finished at Jabs Gym a stroll through Eastern Market is always fun. You never know what you’ll see or who you’ll run into there as well. This is a part of the city I plan to explore more but every time I do roll through Eastern Market it’s a fun experience. It’s best on the weekends of course so keep that in mind!

So to conclude, Hudson Cafe for your eats, Roasting Plant/Great Lakes Coffee for your caffeine, Jabs Gym to get you on your feet and Eastern Market will have you out in these streets.

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