Kim Adams: Fall is coming, which means it’s time for mums

Mums in Michigan Photo by Patrick Donnelly on Unsplash (Photo by Patrick Donnelly on Unsplash)

Hi everyone! The countdown to fall is on! This week we’re getting a preview with chilly nights and cooler than normal days. Are you ready for fall fun?

I know I am! In fact, last weekend I couldn’t resist buying some potted mums at my local garden center. My only concern was that they wouldn’t make it through the entire season. But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep them looking fresh as a daisy…I mean mum.

Please know I am NOT a professional gardener. So if you have a few ideas please pass them along!

First thing is to look for are the plants with the tightest buds. If there’s a specific color you’re looking for that can be frustrating because the buds are so closed you can’t see the color of the flower.

So you might need to chose one with one or two blooms. The less the better at this point. Next thing I do when I get home is soak my mums in a big bucket of water. Yes pot and all (pots with a hole in the bottom of course).

I soak each plant for 30 minutes. Mums dry out VERY quickly. And often the soil appears moist on the surface. But when you get down into the plant, it’s often bone dry. Next I sit my mums in a plastic dish filled with water. Mums do not like to be watered from the top.

This allows me to water the plant from the bottom and draw the water up from the root. I try and keep my mums out of the rain too. Again, they seem to like soaking in a bath better than a shower 😊

Finally, I deadhead old blooms. This can be time consuming, but I find it therapeutic. Almost like pulling weeds. Once I start I just can’t stop!

I’d love to see pics of your home decorated for fall! Send them to MIPics.

- Kim Adams

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